Changing my BLOG

I am creating my own profile page and attached to it I am starting my new blog. Most of the posts from this blog are all there.

Go to new page from here!

Thank you for viewing my site and I hope that you will continue to follow me on my new blog.

This will be the last post on this blog!



Dragos Jieanu

Incredible artist Dragos Jieanu.

The above picture just blew me away. Insane detail and perspective.

Check out his website, which in it’s self is a work of art. You can see all his great photography, 2d and 3d art, as well as some videos he has worked on.

Underwater Gallery

Incredible Photo manipulation and awesome gallery idea by Andreas Franke.

You have to actually dive down into a sunken ship to view the gallery.



Yummy Flags

Just stumbled onto this and had to post it for everyone to see. Flags made from the national food of the country they represent. YUM!